Details, Details

Give Me the Details!

Maybe as a photographer that goes without saying, but I really do love the details.

I love large-scale landscape photos that show an entire scene full of details, but there's something about closeups that trigger my imagination. I'm toying with getting a true macro lens so that I can get even more up-close and personal.

I would have loved to have gotten even closer to the butterflies I shot this summer in Destin, though I'm not looking to get into macro bug photography.

Eww...someone recently shared with me how those bug photos are taken. Freeze the bug enough to stop it moving, then take it out of the freezer, then take photos. I'm not crazy about bugs, but I could not do that to a living creature just to get a good shot.

Architecture and Design

I especially love architectural and design details, such as the photo above. That's a photograph of some lights hanging from the ceiling at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Atlanta.

I was so taken with them.

While I was standing right underneath the lights shooting straight up, a young woman approached me and asked me what I saw that could be interesting enough for photos.

"Those awesome lights," I responded, pointing up.

She laughed and said, "That's why you're the photographer. I see nothing interesting up there."

That's how I define my quest - finding the extraordinary within the ordinary.

More Details

The below photo is another example of getting up close to the details for a different point of view.

This was a textured wall inside an old tower over at Emory in Lullwater Preserve. It had been richly decorated with graffiti, and I loved the look of it. Getting up close to the details made it even more interesting.  

Closeup of a wall with graffiti on it


My mind is full of details right now regarding the end of the year, taxes, Christmas, and my website.

These are the details I don't love so much.


Today's blog post is extra short so I can get on with the mounting pile of work I have in front of me.

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!!  

And, see you between the raindrops!


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