Did You Watch the Big Game?

Jack Bauer the dog sitting on his 'Dawgs blanketWhat Game?

If you're a college football fan, you know it was the big SEC Championship game between Georgia and Alabama - played here in Atlanta at the Mercedes Benz Stadium on Monday night.

A photo of the Mercedes Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta

I'm not a huge football fan.

The game is devastating to the human body.

But I understand the drive to play sports, and I don't deny it's exciting to watch.

I only have cable because I need the Internet, so it's a basic package.

Very basic.

I don't have ESPN, so I couldn't get the game at my place.

Spend enough money on a college, and it turns you into a football fan.

I'm not complaining about the money, though.

Thank goodness for all those people who play the lottery. They're the ones who funded a good bit of all my kids' college tuition in the form of the HOPE Scholarship.

In the case of my daughter who goes to UGA, they funded 100% of her tuition, since she qualified for the Zell Miller Scholarship.

Bless their ever-optimistic gambling hearts.

And who would have guessed college could cost so much even with the tuition fully covered??

Oh...those are fees - fees aren't covered by tuition. Something to keep in mind when saving for college costs!

But again, I'll take it.

Not complaining. My girl's learned so much and had a fantastic college experience.

She worked all four years to help cover her living costs, and she's graduating cum laude of some kind (oops, bad mom, I keep forgeting which one).

You go, girl!

My UGA girl's love of her school's football team is contagious, and I really wanted to watch the game.

She had a seat in the stadium that the school gave her.

I had a seat on my ESPN-streaming cousin's couch, which made for a fun night. 

I was a college athlete, and I love sports, so even though I'm not a football devotee, I can appreciate a good game.


And this was a good game, though definitely a heartbreaker.

Bummed that UGA lost.

Jack Bauer was contemplating the outcome while sitting on my red and black 'Dawgs blanket.

That funny cone-shape thing in the background is my diffuser - diffusing DoTerra Serenity to keep us both calm.

And yes, Bauer's wearing a shirt.

I know, I know, but I was cold.

It's a busy week, and I have many photos to take and much work to finish before Friday.

I hope you're having an awesome week and that you don't let the game outcome get you down for too long! 

See you between the raindrops!