Flower Power

A beautiful bouquet featuring a partially-opened rosebud 


There are worse obsessions.

I buy myself a small bouquet of flowers now and then when I'm at Trader Joe's. Okay - so almost every time I'm at TJ's.

They're reasonably priced and so enticing. I have to walk right by them to do my shopping, and I can't help but stop and admire the beauty.

The flowers in the photo below are a recent TJ's aquisition.

Such intriguing flowers on either side of the daisy.

I've no idea what they are. I uploaded an image to Google, but couldn't find the answer. Anybody know?

I took quite a few photos from different angles, with and without flash. For something different and fun, I opened one of the photos in Photoshop and gave it a painterly quality. I like the look: 


A small bouquet of flowers


Beautiful Gift

Recently, I came home to find a stunning bouquet of dusty-pink, sweet-smelling lillies and delicate creamy yellow and pink-tinged roses in a bucket by my front door.

A sweet gesture from a future neighbor who will soon have major construction going on in the empty lot a few feet from my little home.

These aren't your run-of-the-mill grocery store flowers.

These are some of the most gorgeous blossoms I've ever watched unfold.

Bokeh, Bokeh, Bokeh

Today, after arriving home with my tiny Christmas tree and getting the lights arranged, I went a little crazy when I noticed the Christmas-tree-light bokeh potential with that beautiful bouquet.

I pulled out my camera and reached for my 85mm prime.

I quickly snapped a slew of photos.

Oh that Lens!

I didn't even shoot with the aperature wide open, stopping down to about 2.5 (1.8 is wide open on that bad boy). Even at 2.5 the only thing in focus is the main flower, because nothing else was on the same plane, but I love the way that looks.

And the bokeh! The Christmas tree lights look amazing in the background.

A bouquet of flowers with the bokeh of Christmas lights in the background

Travel vs Home

Travel photography is my favorite, but when I'm not traveling, I'm wandering the streets of Atlanta looking for those perfect shots.

Sometimes the perfect shots are right here at home!

I think that's true for a lot of things...

I hope you're getting your Zen on and not getting too stressed out with the holidays being here in full force.

I take a little extra time during the holidays to be grateful for the things I have and not worry too much about making everything "perfect," that elusive thing that I've already determined does not exist and is just a word and idea to make us all crazy. 

Be on the lookout in your inbox. I'll be sending another coupon soon in time for you to get that just-right print at a great price for your loved one for Christmas.


See you between the raindrops!

Susan J

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