Happy New Year!

Jackson St. Bridge composite photo of bubbles on a threadWow! 

I'm back!

I didn't know I was taking a few weeks off, but somehow it worked out that way. My youngest came down from Chicago for a couple of weeks, and then there was Christmas, and oh yea...New Years. Whew. 

Back to reality. 

Reality's okay, but I prefer creating my own reality. 

I was looking through some snow photos from last year. The pink in the scene reminded me of bubbles. Then a little while later, I came across a shot of a modern chandelier I took in a hotel that looked like bubbles hanging from threads. Funny how the subconscious mind works.

Perfect! I put the two together and made some adjustments. It's not totally what I was thinking in my head, but close. 

I hope everyone had a fun, low-stress Christmas. I had a great time. It's fun getting together with family and friends. 

And eating lots. 

We always try for healthy options, but I definitely consume more sugar than usual this time of the year. But, that's okay. Sometimes you gotta let loose, eh?

I got some shots around Peachtree Street this year again with the Atlanta Urban Photo Walkers. We had a fun evening. 

The Fox Theater on Peachtree Street at night with lighttrails from the cars

Reflections of a lit-up Christmas star in a lens globe

I hope you're having a great New Year so far!

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See you between the raindrops - and there have been tons lately!