Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!

A flock of birds flying into the sunset with railroad tracks in the foreground and the city of Atlanta in the background

The sunset of my imagination with the City of Atlanta in the background 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow - today is a busy day for me. I spent hours yesterday setting up posts on Facebook only to have NONE of them show up in the "scheduled posts" section of my business page. 

I've had a couple of people tell me they're there and will post but sometimes FB is quirky and they don't show. Yikes! I have a definite love-hate relationship with FB. 

I've got to get a lot done so I can (hopefully!) take tomorrow off and relax for a bit. I'll be right back to work on Friday. 

As my friend, Patrick once said to me, "Entrepreneurs, the only people who work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40!" True that. 

So this is a short little post so I can do the whirlwind cleaning, cooking thing. Thankfully, I'm not cooking the bird. 

We're doing a small dinner at my sister's.

My parents turned 80 this year, so we're cautious about COVID. Well...we're cautious anyway, but with my parents in a vulnerable group, it worries us a bit.

I'm glad my parents keep themselves in such good health. They eat more vegetables and fish than anyone I've ever met, and they both work out every day. Guess that's where I got my work-out habit!

New Photo

I recently went out shooting the sunset. It was an okay evening but not great. 

I loved the composition of the above photo but I didn't like the sky.

It was BORING.

It needed something badly. I added a prettier sunset and a few birds so the scene matched my imagination. I hope you Atlanta lovers like it!

I put it on the website yesterday. It's in the Atlanta section, and it's titled "Sunset Flight."

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow regardless of whether you celebrate Thanksgiving!

Keep an eye out - I'll be sending a sale announcement...

See you between the raindrops (and I hear there may be a few tomorrow!).


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