High Flyin'

Ahhh...the 5 a.m. alarm, the quick shower, double-checking the suitcase, and rushing out the door.


Park at the local hotel, take the shuttle to the airport. The smell of the jet fumes as I rush across the walk to the departure area.


Tolerate security.


Rush, rush - wait, wait. The anticipation, the memories, the sheer love of going somewhere else. Watching the gate information screen to see if we'll get on after all the preparation. Yesterday, we didn't get on the first flight, but made it on the second - yeah!


Time to relax.


The excitement of the take-off roll as the engine roars and gravity pushes me gently back into my seat. Love flight - amazing and wondrous. How do they get that tin can into the air? The miracle of physics.


A seat on the aisle is more comfortable - makes me feel less claustrophobic, able to get up and down as I please. But, the window seat is good for pictures.


Please no middle seat, please.


Yesterday, on my way to Seattle, I was in the window taking advantage of the view. Too bad the window was so scuffed, smudged, and dirty, but it didn't affect the pictures too badly. I have a hard time sitting still for long, especially in the ever-shrinking uncomfortable seats of today's jets. The flight was five hours. I'm ready to land after one.

It's too bad the seats are soooo uncomfortable. It must be so hard to fly if you're big. I'm a little taller than the average woman - 5'6-1/2 - how does a large man squeeze his legs into that space?? Crazy. So glad I can entertain myself taking pictures and reading. Beauty day yesterday - blue sky, marshmallow clouds. I took a few pix...about 60.

Out the plane window

Seattle from above


Marshmallow clouds

Marshmallow clouds


Did I say I love take-off? Love landing too. Initial descent gets us close enough to see the city - so picturesque. Lovely day.

Did I say I love flying? Love going places. Love taking off. Love landing. Love traveling.