Iconic Atlanta Donut Shop Destroyed by Fire

The iconic Krispy Kreme Sign in Atlanta on Ponce de Leon AveThe Iconic Krispy Kreme Sign in Atlanta

Favorite Atlanta Photo Spot Destroyed by Fire

I'm sad to say that the iconic Krispy Kreme Donut Shop on Ponce de Leon Ave that's been there since 1965 burned down in the early hours this morning. Thankfully, no one was hurt, at least that's what I've heard/read so far.

Apparently, there were two employees working the drive-thru window who smelled or saw some wires burning and evacuated the building. 

The owner? None other than Shaquille O'Neal, the famous basketball player. 

I wrote an entire post about the donut shop and a little bit of the history this morning because I LOVE the Krispy Kreme sign. It's one of my favorite signs in Atlanta. I'm happy to say the sign was spared, at least as far as I can tell. 

Unfortunately, my website provider was having trouble this morning. I saved my post and tried logging out to see if I could get the site working better because it kept getting stuck when I was uploading a photo. 

The logout page went to an application error message when I tried logging out. 

I decided to leave it and take the dog for a walk because it's beautiful out today, and I was getting super frustrated!

When I got home from the walk, I sat down and logged right back in.

YAY! The site was back up. 

ARGH!!! - the only thing left of my post was the title. 

Nothing like losing an hour of hard work!

I had a Zoom call and a lot of other things to get done today, so I didn't have time to recreate the previous post. I'm finally getting this out...much later than my usual Wednesday post!

A vintage edit of the iconic Krispy Kreme sign in Atlanta on Ponce de Leon Ave.

I did a vintage edit on this photo

I hope you have a beautiful day, whatever you're doing! See you between the raindrops!


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