Is it Just Me?

Is it Just Me?

Yikes! I know it’s so darn cliche to talk about how quickly time flies, but it does!

Maybe it’s because I’m working so hard on my travel photography business, and there is always something that needs to be done.

The days go by in a blur.  

I can’t believe it’s been more than a week since my last blog post (gulp - more like two weeks - breathe, Susan, breathe).

I’m fine-tuning my schedule and overcoming my usual wing-and-a-prayer method for life.

Working on my own business is life-changing - in a good way. I’m experimenting with the best ways to organize myself for getting through my tasks in a timely fashion.

I take photos. I edit photos. I edit, edit, edit. I post (IG, FB, website…).

I work on getting clients.

I work on my website.

I edit, edit, edit. I watch photo-editing tutorials. I have a passion to learn everything about photography.

I blog.

Which reminds me...

Back to Destin

Yes! Destin was my first working vacation. I wanted to play the whole time, but I had to be disciplined.

I had a long list of work items to get done every day, though I’m told it’s not wise to put more than three major things on a day’s list. I see the wisdom in that.

Don’t ya love lists, though? It’s such a feeling of accomplishment to draw a line through a just-completed item.

I get distracted if I don’t have my list.

So, Destin…

(Where’s my list??)

My Destin Routine:

I’d rouse myself around 5:15 am.

Do you have a dog?

My dog, Bauer, doesn’t usually sleep with me. I’m a light sleeper, and I don’t like him moving around. Also, he likes to get right up next to me, so I feel like I’m wrestling a living, breathing heating pad for my personal space all night.

But, since we were in a strange place, I let Bauer share my comfy sleeping accommodations.

Dogs are incredibly intuitive. The second I start to move in the morning - even before I know I’m awake - if he’s in the bed with me, he’s on me like a little kid, jumping all over me and begging me to get up and feed him.

There are worse ways to wake up, I suppose.

We were up by 5:30. Brush teeth (you never know who you might run into!), pull on walking clothes, put on flip-flops, grab camera backpack, tripod, leash, etc.

Head to beach.

It was about a 6-minute walk - hot, humid, and still dark, my backpack on, tripod slung over my shoulder, flip-flops flapping, and Bauer tugging at his leash.

What could be better?

Simple Pleasures.

I love the beach, and much to my delight, Bauer had a great time too. This was his first beach trip!

There were few people down there before sunrise, so I was able to let him off the leash.

Oh my gosh! Such fun watching him jump around and be totally surprised by the waves splashing up on him.

Bauer on the beach

Photo Opportunities Galore

Sunrise is a glorious time to take photos anywhere, but especially at the beach.

The light is surreal.

The only sounds are of the waves crashing on the shoreline and the cawing of the gulls. The sea air is damp on the skin and smells of briny water, which brings back so many childhood memories.

There was a Heron (or Crane, maybe an Egret?) every morning I was there.

Just one, all alone.

I called him (her?) Legs - not very imaginative, since the bird had such long legs. The bird’s neck was long too, but somehow “Neck” didn’t have the same ring to it. Legs was surrounded by gulls, but was the only one of his or her kind. I saw Legs four of the five days I was there.

As I got my camera situated on the tripod, I thought for sure Legs would take off. But, he didn’t.

Some of my favorite photos from the trip are of the sunrise on the water with the big puffy clouds in the background and the birds, especially Legs, in the foreground.

The beach is ever changing, and every time I looked through my viewfinder, I saw something else I wanted to capture. I kept my shutter speed a little slow so the birds and waves were slightly blurred to capture the sense of motion. I love experimenting with different ways to get a shot.

After about 45 minutes of shooting photos (that went by in the blink of an eye), I would take a walk.

What a joy watching Bauer run without his leash on.

He’s so fast.

For every mile I walked down the beach, he put in two - running ahead and then turning around to chase birds, jump, and play, and make sure I was still with him. He was like a puppy, even though he’s almost 7.

Sand is no friend of the camera, so the dog was definitely a balancing act - trying to keep my equipment out of harm’s way while dealing with my little jumping bean.

But, it was worth the extra effort to see Bauer running freely up and down the beach. He never gets to run like that in the city, since he doesn't do so well at the dog park.

I can’t imagine ever getting tired of the ocean view or the feel of my bare feet in the sand.

Back to Work

Bauer and I stopped each morning to hose off the sand (not Bauer’s favorite part of the day) and then walked back to the house. After a hearty breakfast, we headed out back to settle in for a few hours of work.

I shoot in RAW format so that I have the most pixel information I can get. Thus, my photos have to be at least minimally edited.

It takes time.

Edit, watch a tutorial, write, write, write, work on marketing, work on website, etc., etc., etc!

It’s so interesting the way life can turn, isn’t it? This is definitely not how I pictured my life would be a few short years ago.

But, change is okay. In fact, change is often really good.

Embrace change.

See you between the raindrops!


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