Just Say Yes!


Florida here we come!


It’s amazing how the Universe responds as soon as I make up my mind to do something.

You’d think I would get the idea by now. But, the thing is, I have to make up my mind and be focused - laser focused - which is easier said than done. It seems it’s taken me awhile to find that focus.

I’m not alone, eh?

If I can do it, so can you. There have been so many stops and starts, trouble making up my mind, fear that I’m going to get stuck doing something I don’t want to do, and fear that I’ll fail at whatever I do. You know what?

That’s no way to operate. I had to change my thought processes. I had to stop limiting myself and God.

So I did. And, I’m here to encourage you and tell you that it works, and you can do it too. Tell that big, bad Fear of Failure to take a hike. Do it. Do it out loud and do it often.

Of course, the main reason I’m here is to talk about photography and travel. I’m so excited about being able to sell my fine-art travel photos right off the internet!

And, guess what?

As soon as I shouted out to the Universe (I'm not kidding - I shouted) that I was officially a travel photographer/blogger, I got invited to a beautiful beach house in Destin, Florida (officially Miramar Beach) with a group of friends.

Initially, my knee-jerk-response fears surfaced. I worried about saying yes, because it was going to cost some money - very little as far as these things go, but some.

Should I do this?

“Geez, Susan. You finally made up your mind to be a travel photographer/blogger, and now you’re going to pass up an amazing and inexpensive trip like this?”

Right. Got it. If you're going to be something, you have to be it. You have to be fully invested - 100%.

Just. Say. Yes. Or, as the Nike people say: Just Do It!

I did.

You know what? Right after I took that leap of faith and said yes, the friend got back to the group to let us know that her charming and generous friends were letting us have the house for the week. No cost. No kidding.

See what I mean about the Universe responding?  

Who says fervent prayers and bold proclamations aren’t answered? Not me.

As my regular readers have already figured out, my blog is for my love of writing and sharing the ups and downs and ins and outs of LIFE and, specifically, about my photography and travels. I won’t tell you where to eat and what to wear, though I suppose those details may slip in now and then!  

I’m more about experience and showing you the world through my eyes and the lens of my camera as well as the words I write on my blog and newsletter.

I love to meet locals and understand why they choose to live in the place that I’m visiting.

Aside: Have you ever played that game with yourself when you’re driving through a place and you ask, “I wonder what these people do and why they live here?” I do it ALL the time.

Understanding why people are where they are means talking to complete strangers...a lot. Sometimes you gotta get out of your comfort zone, eh?

This trip to Destin, Florida was perfect for meeting a few locals, because my friend, Mary, was with us.

She excels at talking to strangers. I mean, she's never met a stranger.


I have never known anyone who can talk to someone she’s never met the way that Mary can. It’s a gift of hers. I’m learning.

But, I digress. Back to Florida.

Arriving early afternoon on Saturday, we explored our home for the week.

More importantly for me, I got my dog, Jack Bauer, settled in and my workstation all set up.

Bauer usually stays with one of the kids, especially if I fly somewhere.

I won’t subject him to the perils of the cargo hold. Even if I drugged him, it bothers me to think of the emotional turmoil it would cause him. But, since I was going to be gone a whole week, and we were driving, and I was told it was okay to bring him, that’s what I did.

I’m so glad. He’s my bud, and I never would have guessed he'd love the beach so much!

Dog - check. Camera - check. Computer - check. Ready to work and have fun - check!

Check, check, check.

I don't want to make you read all day, so I’ll end this post here and pick up with some trip details and links to my favorite photos in my next post. Enjoy your day!

And...see you between the raindrops!