New Release Krog Street Market Photo

The Krog Street Market sign at night with light trails in the parking lot (foreground) and the Milky Way in the skyKrog Street Blues

New Release Atlanta Photo

I did this creative edit a while ago but I finally got it up on the website - yay! 

It was a nice evening when I shot this but the sky was kinda boring.

I couldn't help myself - I had to edit in one of my Milky Way shots for that magical touch.

I named it Krog Street Blues because of the nice blue-hour tones.

I could wait a long time but I'll never see the Milky Way over Krog Street Market. There's too much light pollution coming from the city to see much of anything in the night sky here. 

It's on my list to get more star shots but there are a lot of logistical obstacles. I have to go somewhere and spend the night because it's just too hard staying up all night to drive somewhere and back. 

I don't want to fall asleep behind the wheel!

I did get a few good star shots on an excursion or two I took with my friend Lauren - pre-Covid. We haven't tried to go again but I'm itching to get somewhere where I can see the stars.  

The New Moon

Unless you're going for full-moon shots, it's also best if the moon is new because when it's new, it's full dark.

That's the optimum time to shoot the stars - when the sky is completely dark. Who'd have thought the moon would spoil the party? But a full moon definitely does if all you want is stars. 

It takes some planning!

I'm better at, "Hey - let's go shoot tonight!" 

I'm going to see what I can do this year, though. Milky Way season runs through August, so there's still time to figure out a spot or two during the right moon phase. 

In the meantime, I have my few good Milky Way shots that I like throwing in for a creative edit or two.

I love the magical feeling I get from looking at the Milky Way.

The universe is such a wonder - so vast and amazing.

We're such tiny specks. It's good for me to remember that for perspective now and then.

Now...time to start planning the next photo excursion - wherever it may be.

Have a great Wednesday!

See you between the raindrops - of which there are plenty here in the ATL this morning!


You can find Krog Street Blues here.