March Madness!

Weather is something that this California girl may never get used to. I've been in Georgia a long time, yet it always takes me by surprise when I look out the window and see the sun, but then step outside into what feels like Siberia. Okay, perhaps a little exaggeration. I've never been to Siberia, and it's probably a lot colder there in the winter than here; but how can it feel so cold when the sun is shining so brightly?


March in Georgia is...sorry to you basketball fans who thought this was leading elsewhere...simply madness. We get a few blissful spring-like days and then suddenly I'm hunkered down leaning into a blistering wind that threatens to freeze me solid. The picture above illustrates it well - the daffodils are always confused, blooming beautifully on those warm days. But, the trees, they know it's too early. They're still bare and staying that way until they're good and sure the warm weather is here to stay.

Walking the dogs is an agony of telling them to "Hurry it up, guys! I'm freezing!" I never ever seem to have the right type of clothing. Every year I tell myself I'll make that good jacket purchase near the end of the season when prices are low, and every year I spectacularly fail.


Does it sound crazy to say that one of my dreams is to make it to Iceland? Yes, I know, I'll definitely need to make that jacket purchase before I go.


NorthFace, Patagonia? What's the warmest brand?


But really, some day I will make it to Iceland to view and photograph the Aurora Borealis and other natural wonders. I've made it to some wonderful places, but I yearn to see and photograph more and different places. As of now, Iceland is the coldest place on the list.


The cheery chirping of the birds heralds spring outside my window - at least until the sun goes down in a couple of hours and it becomes a chilly 36! Maybe I need to go look for a jacket...