Out and About Shooting Atlanta Photos and One of the Sets of Stranger Things

The abandoned mill from the Stranger Things series

The abandoned mill that served as the Mind Flayer's lair on the series Stranger Things

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Atlanta's been a hub of filming over the last few years.

Everything from movies to TV shows, it's common to see crews all around town. A couple of weeks ago, Lauren and I decided to find one of the more well-known sets from the series Stranger Things

A guy at one of the photo walks had told us the approximate location. We were going to go check it out with him after one of our shoots but it got too late and the three of us decided to call it quits and try another time. 

That was in mid-July and we hadn't gotten around to catching up with him and checking it out. 

Fast-forward to early September. We were off to walk around Atlanta and get some shooting in. But when we got down there, a huge concert was going on in Centennial Park. We lucked out and didn't get caught up in all the traffic.

Spur of the moment, we decided to try and find the Stranger Things set. Enter the Internet, and finding the set wasn't hard. 

It was only about 15 minutes away and we didn't hit any traffic. After locating a place to park, we got out and took a look around. 

It's an interesting place.

Maybe it was just Stranger Things on the brain but we were both a little uncomfortable about hanging around long. There were some holes in the fence but the drop-off was too steep. If we jumped down, we'd never get back out.

Definitely didn't want to be stuck in that place!

Before shot of the abandoned mill set from Stranger Things

"Before" shot of the abandoned mill from the Stranger Things set

Here's the "before" shot. Yep - those are goats you see. There were a bunch of them. They must be left in there to keep the grass trimmed. 

We didn't catch the sunset at this location. Since we couldn't get in without major trespassing, we left and went down to Hapeville for the sunset. 

I was using my Nikon and Sony on this outing. But with the Sony, I was using the CCTV lens for some shots and then switched lenses with Lauren. I used her wider-angle Leica for some other shots. 

On the railroad tracks in Hapeville

Lots of bokeh in this shot of the railroad tracks in Hapeville

I was using the CCTV lens when I took this shot of the crystal ball sitting on the railroad tracks in Hapeville. It wasn't the most spectacular sunset - not much texture in the sky. But I was able to pull out some nice colors in this one. 

It's amazing how much bokeh I get from that little $27 dollar lens!

Are you a Stranger Things fan?

I loved it! The characters are a blast, and what's not to like about the retro vibe and science fiction aspects?

Shifting Gears

Last week I took an almost total social media hiatus while I enjoyed some downtime in Destin. I'll write about that next week. 

In the meantime, have fun taking photos, and see you between the raindrops!