Pink Trees and Chihuly

Atlanta Botanical Gardens - a tree painted pink


Saturday dawned clear and freezing cold, but warmed up enough to enjoy a day mostly outside.

The sunshine brought lots of folks out to Piedmont Park - including me and a friend.

We managed to find a parking spot on the street and walked in past Park Tavern and the dog park on our way to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

I was teaching my friend to use her new Canon camera.

I shoot Nikon, so there were some frustrating moments of searching for specific control buttons. All in all, though, we had a great time tromping around the gardens taking photos, and she got a basic understanding of her camera.

Sometimes I forget this little gem is right here in the city. I've never had a membership.

I loved the pink tree we came across.

I also love, love, love the Chihuly glass sculptures - they're fascinating. I love almost any type of art.

A Chihuly sculpture sits atop a fountain at the Atlanta Botanical GardensI used to have a membership to the High Museum and went every few weeks, but I took a break this year, because I'm spending any spare time I have working on my craft.

I have some ideas for a photo series I want to shoot, but don't have the know-how to get the end result I want. It's frustrating, but I'm taking online classes to gain the knowledge I currently lack.

The good news is, it's all part of the journey, and I love it.

When I decided to let go of fear and quit the 9-5 job, I stopped saying to myself "As soon as I'm making enough, I'll do soon as I've learned enough, I'll do that..."

No more.

Now I dive right in and start learning, working, trying...

It's been a challenge for me, because I'm a researcher.

I love doing research, and I love learning.

Often that translates into over-researching, which I believe falls into the category of seeking perfection, which is a trap and a distraction from actually getting things done.

I'm working HARD on letting go of all that.

My cousin helps, because she's an entrepreneur and has none of these issues. If she has an idea, she runs with it - no holds barred. So, she's always pushing me to try new ideas with my business.

The current online classes don't fall into the over-research category, because I have no other way to get the end result I desire without taking a few classes first. Otherwise, I'll spend way too much time searching tutorials to figure out how to do what I want.

I'm going to have some failures, but I'm kind of excited about that, because each failure is a great growth and learning experience.

Every day I'm at least one step farther along.

What about you?

A beautiful bloom that's fallen off the tree and onto the rocks at the Atlantna Botanical Gardens

 Keep doing those little things every day that get you where you want to go!

And, I'll see you between the raindrops!