Shit Happens, Am I Right?

The famous Bean in ChicagoSometimes shit happens.

Like...right now.

My regular readers know I live in a sweet little bungalow in the City of Atlanta.

Total God thing.

I found it after my divorce when I didn't feel like moving again. I didn't feel like doing anything. I had only been in my apartment for three months. But it was the perfect little house. Actually, my daughter, Ellie, found it and insisted I look at it.

I loved it from the first moment I stepped inside. After nearly four years here, I still love it. It's my tiny, perfect, better-than-Barbie Dreamhouse.

I have some new neighbors building a house in the tiny empty lot next to me.

Unfortunately, the digging they're doing to build an underground garage is uncomfortably close to my property. Since I work at home, I was here when the earth movers were doing their thing. I felt my entire house get whacked on several occasions. 

I don't mean it shook. I mean "bam!" Moved. It felt like it moved several feet over and back. Super scary. Not good for my little home.  

On one occasion, I was nearly knocked out of my chair. Pictures fell off the bookshelf. I lost Internet service due to the pictures falling on a power cord and knocking it out. 

I ran to the back of the house to look out and see if they knocked a hole in the house! It was so much movement, I couldn't see how they didn't come right through the bedroom wall. 

Not good.

Now I have a crack in my foundation, my beautiful wood floors are rippling, and doors won't close properly...obviously, the contractor's insurance is going to have to handle this. 

Not fun. 

At other times in my life, this would have put me over the edge. Not now. 

I've walked on fire! 

This is something that happened that needs to be handled. It's time-consuming and stressful. But it needs to be fixed, and it will be.

The contractor is moving forward as if nothing has happened. And they've done nothing to shore up the soil next to my house that's constantly eroding.

I'm not too happy with the City of Atlanta right now.

The only photos I've been getting this week are of the damage to my little home. It's sad to me that the City isn't more careful when allowing this kind of building. I'm not an engineer. I wouldn't have known. But the people doing the building should know.

They should have known what kind of damage this could cause to my house.

Now I know. 

The structural engineer who came out said the digging should have been at least 7 feet from my home because of the depth.

It's about one foot from my little house. How is it that the city engineers allow this? I'm sure I'm not the only one in this city who's suffered ill consequences from this type of building. 

Fun Photo

Happier subject. Today's post has one Chicago photo I haven't put up yet. 

I love this photo because if you look closely, you'll see handprints on the Bean! You'll also see me taking this photo. The Bean reflection isn't particularly flattering. It makes everyone look a little short and squatty. But, it's fun to see me doing what I love best - holding that camera up to my eye and shooting!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend! If you're the praying type, send a few my way for my little home situation. 

See you between the raindrops!