Strange, Surreal, and Unsettling Times - Whatcha Gonna Do?

The empty Eastside Beltline during CoronavirusDeserted Eastside Beltline during the COVID-19 Pandemic

How are you doing in these strange, surreal, and unsettling times?

It's so strange being out walking and seeing deserted pathways and businesses, though things are beginning to pick up here in Atlanta. 

I've got some more photos I took at the height of the quarantine. I liked the way they came out with the Lensbaby - dream-like, surreal edges.

It was the first time I'd ever seen the Eastside Beltline so deserted. At the beginning of the virus outbreak, people were still all over the Beltline. That first weekend when people were urged to stay home, the Beltline was packed!

I wasn't on it but I walked down to check it out and realized if this virus was bad, a lot of people in Atlanta were going to catch it quickly. 

I stayed off the Beltline.

Sunday afternoon was the first time I've walked on it since early March. I miss the Beltline with all of its hustle and bustle. 

I had a "social distance" date at New Realm Brewery on Sunday. It was weird - not the date - that was fine, except it's odd meeting someone for the first time and making sure you stay a few feet away, though I've never been a big fan of shaking hands.

The weird part was seeing so many people out with masks on. 

On a normal day, with the weather as beautiful as it was on Sunday, the Beltline and all the businesses along it would have been packed. While it was busy, it wasn't as busy as a regular day. 

New Realm had a good set-up, I thought. They had the outdoor tables spaced wide apart, and you could only sit a couple of people to a table and only with your own group. 

It felt so good to be out doing something normal.

I did walk to the brewery and back mostly on side streets. The small section of the Beltline I walked on felt way too crowded with too many people oblivious to what social distancing means - or just not caring.  

The Freedom Park Trail doesn't usually have as many people on it as the Beltine, but during the quarantine, it's had more. I guess people figure there won't be as many people there, so they've moved to that trail, though it's also had a lot of deserted moments.

I've often walked Bauer on the Freedom Park Trail because he doesn't do well with all the dogs on the Beltline!

Empty morning on Freedom Park Trail during the quarantine

Freedom Park Trail during quarantine

Thankfully, I've also found lots of good neighborhood walks over the years that take me away from large numbers of people and other dogs, so we've continued on with a lot of our usual walking spots. 

I've been working with Bauer a lot about his dog sensitivities. It all depends on me seeing an oncoming dog before he does and getting him to sit. Once he sits,  he's good at "staying." If he stays until the other dog walks by, then I give him a treat.

He really has improved, though by no means is he great at walking by other dogs yet. 

It's a process, like so many things. 

And here we are in a collective process of trying to figure this COVID-19 thing out. 

I hope it's working out well for you. 

I'm struggling with what I'm going to do when this thing is over. I'll still continue with my photography and writing, of course, but I'm not quite as comfortable with not having health insurance and a more regular income as I used to be.

We're all vulnerable at all times and there's no such thing as security, not really, but some situations are more secure than others.

I'm not sure what my tolerance is at this point. 

Hmmm...I don't know...

Only time will tell as I continue on this journey...thanks for reading!

See you between the raindrops!