Sugar High!

Do You Eat a Lot of Sugar? 

Just so we all know, sugar's the devil. Can I get an amen?

We know we shouldn't eat sugar. It's unhealthy, causes diabetes, and is even addicting.

Food companies know this, and they love it. They add sugar to food in every way possible to get us to eat more and buy more. 

I try not to eat sugar in my diet. I limit processed foods. I limit eating out. Although I do eat dark chocolate, it's rare that I eat cookies or cake. 


I do, however, make an exception in December for homemade Christmas cookies.

I have a long-standing date with a group of ladies I've known for years. We meet in December, and we do a cookie exchange. 

It's amazing.

Not the cookies. Well...the cookies are amazing too, but it's more amazing to get together with this group of ladies I've known for so long and don't get to see enough of. As soon as we walk in the room, we're all chatting and catching up as if it was only last week that we saw each other.

I love that, don't you?

The above plate of cookies was last night's bounty - I limited myself - LOL!

Admittedly, I ate a half-dozen cookies at the party.

And if you don't normally eat sugar, then you know that was a huge mistake. It was late when I got home, and I turned in almost immediately.

I couldn't sleep.

I tossed and turned, and I was sooooo thirsty. Ugh. Way too much sugar.

All those cookies are sitting on my counter.

And don't you know I had cookies for lunch! Is it my imagination or do my pants feel a little tighter today?? Ah well...the New Year is just around the corner...

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful, happy, and blessed holiday season. Rest assured, if you eat a few too many cookies, you're not the only one!

And, see you between the raindrops!


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