The Demon Perfection

An Atlanta sunsetI think and talk a lot about perfection and dealing with the Demon Perfection. 

A year ago, I never would have shared the above photo. Not because it's a bad photo. But because it's not "perfect" - in my mind.

I was looking at it yesterday thinking, "Wow - it was a gorgeous sunset, but we were in the wrong place!" 

That's true...sort of. 

It wasn't the right place for a perfect unobstructed view of the sunset in Atlanta. It wasn't the "perfect" city skyline. But, it wasn't the wrong place. And the sunset was still amazing.

It was a place on Peachtree Street where I was interested in getting photos of the old abandoned Medical Arts Building. 

I've passed by the building so many times. I came across an article online regarding the building's history and potential future when I was researching some other Atlanta buildings. I thought it would be cool to get some photos. 

The Medical Arts Building in Atlanta with some texture added

So really, we were in the perfect place to catch an amazing Atlanta sunset. There happen to be highway signs and buildings in the foreground. That's kinda how Atlanta is. That's how modern cities are. 

The sunset was amazing.

And I got some shots of the Medical Arts Building. I'm playing with texture and blending modes. The above photo is about 10 shots combined. 

Don't let perfection hold you back. 

And I'll keep taking photos of Atlanta and everywhere else!

See you between the raindrops!