Time for a New Background!


Photo of a young woman with pretty background art

My daughter, Claire, graciously agreed to be my model

Atlanta Conference Call

Hey everyone, I hope you're hanging in there and doing okay. I'm guessing not too many people are doing great but I hope you are!

Are all of you doing as many group chats as I am? 

Zoom meetings, Skype sessions, Facebook Messenger calls, FaceTime chats...it seems everyone is spending more time on video than ever before these days.

That little video window is our lifeline to the outside world.

I miss my family and friends!

What I really miss is hugging everyone! I'm so glad my daughter, Claire, came down to be with me right at the beginning of all this. It's helping me stay sane.

As you can see, I even talked her into taking a quick work break and letting me get a photo of her for today's blog post.  

After seeing everyone else's background on your group calls are you feeling like it's time to spruce up your walls?

It's definitely time for me to spruce up mine.


I was going to have a booth at a fair right before this virus hit. I hang some of my demo canvases on my own walls when I'm not using them elsewhere.

I took most of them down so I'd have them for the fair, and I left them at my sister's house because the fair was around the corner from her at my niece's school.

I had no idea life as we know it was about to shut down. I figured the fair would be postponed for a couple of weeks.

I was also about to paint my walls so the timing was perfect for bare walls. Now I have mostly bare walls with spackling everywhere.

Not inspiring. 

But if you're ready for something more inspiring on your walls, I can help!

I want to help you tune up your boring walls – to improve your video conferencing cred, but also to add a meaningful sense of positivity to your working environment.

I'm currently in the middle of a giveaway, and if you're subscribed to my list, you're entered. When the giveaway is over at the end of the month, I had promised to send out a coupon code. I decided I'd go ahead and send it out now.

So, if you're ready for some new wall art, here's a coupon for 25%-off your purchase! Simply type in Video25 for 25% off your order.

The coupon is valid starting today and goes all the way through May 31st at midnight.

And please, whoever's in charge, let us be out of quarantine by then - Hang in there, everyone!

See you between the raindrops!


PS - I've noticed that people really like beach scenes, so I'm going back and editing more photos from my last beach trip. Keep checking back - I'll be adding more prints!